Road Trips Taken

Minneapolis, MN: Off to visit Ben, St. Paul, Brits, and more!
Tennessee: A little work and a lot of play!
Indiana University: Every now and then you need a little Irish Lion for dinner...
Pittsburgh/State College, PA: The Sweens and PSU!
Cincinnati, OH: Christmas lights to music... talk about spare time!

Road Trips To Take

August - Spain - La Tomatina - It could be the largest food fight in the world
September - Germany - Oktoberfest
October - Brazil- Cirio de Nazare
November - New England - Thanksgiving to hunt for our own turkey and everything!
December - Bethlehem - Christmas
January - Japan - Japanese New Year
February - Sri Lanka - National Day OR                
                New Zealand - Waitangi Day

March - Ireland - St. Patrick's Day
April - Netherlands - Queen's birthday
May - Mexico - Cinco de Mayo OR         
        Russia - Victory Day

June - Iceland - National Day
July - United State - Independence Day OR        
        Canada - Canada Day

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